Non-Slip Baby Mesh Shoes


Do you want to ensure that your child's feet are comfortable, dry, and free from rashes and allergies?

Introducing Non-Slip Baby Mesh Shoes, which is designed to promote your child's healthy and natural development. They have tiny breathable little holes within the sole to provide airflow and to keep the feet warm all year round.

Our product is made from cotton, polyester, and silicone rubber. The protection of your baby's feet is achieved through the rubber soles while still keeping them comfortable because of the breathable socks.

Key Benefits:

• Keeps your Little One's Feet Safe from Cuts &
• Ensures Airflow While Keeping the Feet Dry &
Warm at the Same Time
A Improves your Toddler's Balance & Stability
• Works as Both Socks & Shoes - Shoe Sole at the
• Designed to Adjust to Different Foot Shapes & Sizes
• Lightweight & Comfortable to Use
• Flexible & Non-Slip Design
• 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
/ Zip Pay & AfterPay Available
A Free & Fast Shipping Australia Wide

How Does It Work?

Regular baby footwear entails wearing socks and shoes, though they may look cute, and add too much weight to your baby's developing legs. Because of this, your child might struggle to balance, especially when learning to walk. Your little ones can avoid wearing shoes by using our Non-Slip Baby Mesh Shoes because the patterns resemble boots, slippers, or sneakers but they won't feel uncomfortable wearing them.


Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Silicone Rubber

Package List:

1 x Pair of Non-Slip Baby Mesh Shoes

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